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TubeIn is a cloud-based platform to create, montage and broadcast live interactive shows. Using advanced video technology, TubeIn Studio brings TV-quality broadcasting to The Masses.

Create Live

Design, Create and Broadcast

Producing engaging content is not an easy job, especially when it is live. Use TubeIn Studio to streamline all aspects of your live productions, including, but not limited to, designing, scheduling, collecting footage, setting up devices, and finally reliable distribution and monetization.

  • Remote participants to TubeIn

    Preview and select contents from remote participants. You can filter and sort through live people footages by their geographical location, rates, quality and many more. Assure content saftey while keeping your show fun and trending by TubeIn integrated features.

  • Advanced timeline track control

    Whether you want your guest to appear at exact time in your show, or you like ad hoc guests; TubeIn Timeline supports both. Timeline also allows you to pinpoint your media for broadcasting on special times or triggers.

  • Unlimited audio/video sources

    Do not bore the audience by long single angle shots. Hook as many phone as you can to the show and periodically change angles for better cinematography.

  • Hundreds of live montaging options

    TubeIn comes prepackaged with 100s of video layouts satisfying most creators need. Still, you cannot find your desired layout in our arsenal? TubeIn team can help.


TubeIn Mobile App

The best to leverage the power of smart phones in live show

TubeIn app with its slick features allows you to organically engage people within your show to cover different world angles at once and boost up monetization. You can also connect multiple local or remote iPhones as cameraman to the TubeIn Studio allowing you to switch angles, control focus and zoom levels right at your finger-tip.

Modern Live Shows Need Collaborative Forces

TubeIn app let you bring in live fan footages to your show. Ever wanted your fans to feature in your programs, send the tickets to their pocket. Engage them in game show, news or panel. Right from TubeIn create and broadcast polls to engage even more viewers.

  • Network with fans and fellow creators

    Your show can integrate with live phone footages from fans and creators in every country. You can also direct and preview the contents remotely.

  • Sell your pixels to die-hard fans and peer networks

    Is your show trending? Do you get many request for collaboration? Monetize your communication channels to filter in only serious inquiries.

Your Pixels, Your Ads, Cut the Middle Guys!

Do not settle to sell your pixels, easily. Let TubeIn Power up your revenue right from the start. TubeIn bidding algorithm automatically surge Ad Pricing for hot trending contents. It is completely up to you to inject priced ad, shouldn't you! If you prefer sponsored or Ad free program, TubeIn sits away and gives you all the tools necessary to feature your sponsor in your contents. Sponsor-Creator channel has never been easier than what TubeIn provides.

  • Preroll Videos
  • Midroll Videos
  • Postroll Videos
  • Overlay Texts
  • Overlay Graphics

Before the show start

Show your preferred sponser and/or product by pre-rolling the contents before you go live.

While the show is running

Hook your sponsor's contents to the show intersessions. Control its setup before or live in the show to diversify your revenue stream

After the show

Close the show featuring your sponser. Potrolls appear before the show ending thumbnails

Textual Ad banners

TubeIn Ad banners are eye-catching while designed for minimal interference with your show contents.

Embeded graphics

Does your sponser need more customized graphics? Embeded graphics are fully flexible to your design.

Data Analytics

Analyze and predict your growth real-time or offline using TubeIn Studio. Explore and investigate your past show performance to gain insight and drive business planning.

  • Proprietary audience engagement metrics.

    We track all your audience interactions and quantify them so you can maximize your impact affecting your revenue.

  • Live show statistics

    Live shows are all about right interactions at right time. See your audience interactions live so you can decide and pivot for a better show in real-time.

  • Content optimization hints and advices

    You are in a good company. Compare your metrics and get periodic hints about how to even grow further.

  • Geographical footprints of your content

    Did you ever wanted to know your audience geographical span? Do you want your audience to come from all over the globe? TubeIn GIS is here for you.

Create & Montage Using TubeIn

Deliver Your Content to Other Platforms

TubeIn simply integrates with major content ingestion platforms for wide audience reach. While you can stay fully within TubeIn environments from design to delivery, you can opt-in to broadcast to other platforms also to maximize your traction.

TubeIn Key Features

Multi-user Live Streaming

The best and only platform that makes multi-camera multi-user live streaming easy. Unlimited Tube-ins supported!

Simple Tube-in Setup

Easy to use invitation and RSVP feature to solicit contents from fans and creators in Tube-in sessions.

Live Montaging

Seamless content Integration, Adding video and audio into your live streaming from your fans and network creators couldn’t be easier or quicker.

Customizable Autopilot Timeline

Instant and automatic timeline setup for collaborative streaming on your channel. Drag and drop contents and users to change on the fly.

Handy Streaming Dashboard

Create a live event, and choose the perfect layout to really show it off. Layouts work within your themes for amazing results without any hassles.

Video Content Management

Protect your live streaming from malicious users and contents by pre-screening options provided in the dashboard.

TubeIn also Offers

All in-one streamlined platform with no additional link to cast live on Youtube, Facebook and others
Highly responsive drag and drop feature to control user Tube-in sessions in real-time
Scalability allowing unlimited Tube-in sessions for fans and fellow creators
Live content optimization using real-time tracking analytics for viewer diversity
Simple drag and drop feature to load live and pre-recorded advertising video
Auto HD archiving for later use and being shared across all social platforms

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With our impressive network of creators and state-of-the-art technology platform, your livestreaming can be quickly boosted to the next level.

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TubeIn is based on Atlanta, Georgia, and is founded by technolgy entrepreneurs from MIT and Georgia Tech.

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